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Korean Focus provides the following for informational purposes only, not as an endorsement. All information subject to change by the camp and tour organizers. Additional information available at the camp and tour websites. Contact KF to add your tour.

Metro DC – Baltimore

Korea Homeland Journey
Korea Homeland Journey (KHJ) sponsors an amazing trip for Korean adoptive families to explore adoption, culture and modern day Korea. One 14 day tour / trip will be organized annually in late June and early July. The maximum capacity for the tour is 30 people. Korea Homeland Journey will provide flights, hotels, meals and transportation in Korea. KHJ will also set-up meetings with adoption agencies and foster families. A Korean tour guide will lead all touring and will act as a translator. We are a tour group specializing in Korean adoptions.
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Me & Korea

The primary purpose of Me & Korea is to foster cultural unity and provide opportunities and assistance to learn about Korean culture and history, and the family heritages and backgrounds of Korean adoptees and their families.
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Outside the DC – Baltimore Area

AIAA Roots Family Tour to Korea
The Roots Family Tour is the combined effort of 3 agencies in the states, AIAA being one of them, that have Korean programs through Social Welfare Society (SWS). On the tour you will travel throughout Korea, reunite with old friends and make new ones. Typical itinerary highlights include a palace tour, a folk village tour, visit the SWS main office meet with foster families, tour the DMZ, visit a national park, a Buddhist temple, etc. Come and experience the rich history and culture of Korea!
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CHSFS Tour Korea
For more than two decades, CHSFS has led birthland tours that provide opportunities for adopted persons and their families to explore personal and cultural connections to Korea. We offer personalized post-adoption services, cultural expertise and caring support to help Korean adoptees learn more about the beginning places, culture and people important to their birth and adoption stories.
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Dillon International Birthland Tour
Discover the rich culture and heritage China, Korea, Haiti and India have to offer on a Dillon International Birth Land Tour.
Specializing in international adoption since 1972, Dillon International has been offering birth land tours since 1989. Our professional tour staff is available to you from start to finish and will provide all the resources and orientation you need to help you prepare for your journey. Our complete tour packages allow participants to experience the country, its culture, and people in a way they will never forget. Join other adoptees and adoptive families on the trip of a lifetime
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Over twenty years experience in arranging and conducting adoption homeland tours and travel to Korea. Small group and individual travel, personal attention to detail, affordability, exceptional in-country arrangements and support during travel. Flexible itineraries with opportunities to explore, meet people, taste the food, learn the history and touch the culture. Pre-travel orientation materials and education are provided. Experienced, professional tour staff comprised of adoptive parents, adult adoptees and in-country guides provide you with a personalized travel experience.
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Holt Tours for Adoptees & Families
When you begin a relationship with Holt, you become a part of the extended Holt family – and that’s a bond that lasts a lifetime. In this spirit, we created Holt heritage tours, giving adoptees the opportunity to return to – and reconnect with – their birth country. Originally designed for adult Korean adoptees, heritage tours have since evolved. In 2005, we began heritage tours of China for adoptees of all ages and now offer adoptee and family tours of Korea, Thailand and Vietnam. The adoptee and family tours we offer this year are listed below.
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InKAS Motherland Tours and Visits
Adoptees and adoptive families visiting South Korea cannot measure their value of experience like any other foreign tourists. Visiting South Korea is perhaps a more emotional experience than a vacance. This is where the InKAS Mother Land Tour Service carries its intrinsic value. With years of experience and know-how working with many Mother-Land Tour Groups over the past decade, InKAS understands the special needs of this very meaningful visit.
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Journey: Trip to Korea for Korean Overseas Adoptees
JINHEUNGMOONHWA Co., Ltd. has hosted a motherland tour program for all Korean Overseas Adoptees every year since 1996. The purpose of this program is to provide an opportunity for Korean Overseas Adoptees to understand Korean culture and tradition, to foster a strong sense of pride in the Korean heritage and build a warm friendship between native Koreans and adoptees.
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Kids in Mind / KATS Korean Adoption Traveling Services
Thinking About a Trip to Korea? KATS is looking for families and individuals who are interested in Homeland Tours to Korea in 2011, 2012 and the Women’s Service Mission Trip in 2012. Specializing in personalized trips in smaller groups.
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Sejong USA Trip to Korea
To promote a deeper understanding among the participants of one another coming from different backgrounds and interests:
1.Cultural experiences through customized trips to Korea for Korean adoptees, adoptive parents, Korean-American Students, educators, and government workers
2.Search for Biological family: Counsel and support adoptees dealing with their biological issues and assist them if they decide to search for their birth parents and/or family members
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The Ties Program Korea Journeys
For over 20 years, the Ties Program has assisted adoptees and their families to reconnect with people and places special to their adoptions, in addition to exploring the culture, personality, and beauty of Korea. We take pride in offering a meaningful, memorable, and moving experience for the entire family. Our programs are led by adoption professionals and include our signature “Connect & Chat” sessions to help process as the journey unfolds. Contact us by phone at 800-398-3676 or at the links below.
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