Korean Culture Camps

Korean Focus provides the following for informational purposes only, not as an endorsement. All information subject to change by the camp and tour organizers. Additional information available at the camp and tour websites. Contact KF to add your camp.

Metro DC – Baltimore

ASIA Summer Camp
Location: Reisterstown, MD
Fees: $300 per adult, child 3 and over or teen
Info: hwakangsong@gmail.com

North Carolina

Camp Moo Gung Hwa
Location: Raleigh, NC
Fees: Provided at registration
Info: info@koreanculturecamp.net

New Jersey

Camp Friendship NJ
Location: Stirling, NJ
Fees: $145 per camper/$260 for 2 campers/$360 for 3 campers
Info: https://campfriendshipnj.org/contactus.asp

Camp Sejong
Location: Hardwick, NJ
Fees: $750.00 for first camper/$700.00 per additional camper
Info: lpriore2@optonline.net

New York

Camp Chin-Gu
Location: Fairport NY
Fees: Provided at registration
Info: info@campchingu.org

Camp Mujigae
Location: Albany, NY
Fees: Provided at registration
Info: campmujigae@hotmail.com


Pact Camp
Location: Tahoe City, CA
Fees: Provided at registration
Info: Deanna@pactadopt.org

Korean Education Center in Los Angeles
The Korean Education Center in Los Angeles offers summer Korean cultural programs for youth. Contact kecla3112@gmail.com for information.


Heritage Camps for Adoptive Families
Location: Snow Mountain Ranch, Fraser CO
Fees: $95 – $125 per person in the family, lodging and facility fees extra
Info: info@heritagecamps.org


Korean Focus Camp Kajok
Location: Indianapolis, IN
Fees: $20 – $20 per child, $7 – 10 per adult, max $60 – $75 per family
Info: http://www.koreanfocusindiana.com/id8.html


Hands Around the World
Location: Chicago area, IL
Fees: Available upon registration
Info: handsatw@aol.com.


IIA Korean Culture Kamp
Location: Iowa
Fees: Available upon registration
Info: http://iiakampretreat.com/contact-us/


Sae Jong Camp
Location: Roscommon, MI
Fees: $445.00 program, lodging and food; additional fee for bus to camp
Info: http://www.saejongcamp.com/contact/

Korean Culture Camp of Michigan
Location: East Lansing, MI
Fees: Available upon registration
Info: info@koreanculturecamp.org

Families for International Children Heritage Camp
Location: Grand Rapids, MI
Fees: $95 – $115 per camper
Info: heritagecamp@fficgr.org


Korean Culture Camp Minnesota
Location: Minneapolis MN
Fees: $175 per camper
Info: KCCregistration@charter.net

Kamp Kimchee
Location: Baxter, MN
Fees: Available upon registration
Info: info@kampkimchee.org

Concordia Korean Language Village
Location: Bemidji, MN
Fees: Youth immersion $1770 and $1810; high school credit $4050
Info: clv@cord.edu


Adoptive Families Support Organization Korean Culture Camp
Location: Avon, OH
Fees: $290 first camper, $275 additional campers
Info: http://afsaohio.org/contact-us/


Destination Korea Camp
Location: Carrollton, TX
Fees: $100 for one camper, $190 for two campers, $270 for three campers, $350 for four campers
Info: Lonna@DestinationKoreaCamp.com or Pam@DestinationKoreaCamp.com


KIDS: Korean Identity Development Society
Location: Seattle, WA
Fees: Available upon registration
Info: usbosintang@hotmail.com


Camp Choson
Location: Hudson, WI
Fees: Available upon registration
Info: info@campchoson.org

Multiple Locations

Holt International Culture Camps
Location: Oregon, Iowa, Georgia, California, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania
Fees: Provided upon login to register
Info: pamec@holtinternational.org

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