Adoptees Make History in Washington DC July 27

For the first time in recent history, a group of adopted individuals will meet with legislators on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC on Friday July 27 to discuss issues of importance to the adoption community. The illustrious group of individuals, which includes professionals in the fields of social work, psychology, and education, will meet with legislators throughout the morning and discuss an agenda of adoption-related issues sorely in need of attention.

Sixteen adopted adults, including Metro DC’s Susan Branco Alvarado, AJ Bryant, Farnad Darnell and Kelsey March, will meet with legislators, legislative staff and members of the Congressional Coalition on Adoption in person on the Hill and by conference call to discuss a broad range of issues:

  • Adoption Disruptions and Dissolutions: Documenting the number of disruptions and dissolutions and the number of international adoptees landing in the child welfare system
  • Oversight of Adoption: Thoughts and suggestions in regards to oversight of the US Central Authority, auditing of adoption agencies, and minimizing the loopholes with the respect to accreditation/oversight
  • Adoptee Citizenship: Amending the Child Citizenship Act of 2000 and amending birth certificates to legalize and legitimize adoption decrees so that adoptees are not given false legal identities
  • Original Birth Certificate Access: Consequences at State and Federal levels around access to original birth certificates
  • Information Management Solutions in Regards to Cross-Data Sharing: General problem of cross-data sharing about adoption between the legal court system for independent adoptions, Department of State for ICA, and AFCARS/Children’s Bureau data for adoption of state wards
  • Sustaining Conversations: Sustaining ongoing conversations between adoptees, congressional staff, and CCAI

Korean Focus thanks the delegation for making this meeting a reality, and sends our support for positive outcomes from the discussions to all the members:

Susan Branco Alvarado
A. J. Bryant
Stephanie Kripa Cooper-Lewter
Astrid Dabbeni
Farnad Darnell
Peter Dodds
Shannon Gibney
Shelise Gieseke
Michelle Johnson
JaeRan Kim
Joy Lieberthal
Kelsey March
Robert O’Connor
Kevin Ost-Vollmers
Amanda Woolston
Sandy White Hawk

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